Burda 9/2013: September Excitement

When I looked through the preview of the September ’13 issue of Burdastyle on their website I was actually rather non-plussed. Same feeling when I looked through the first pages of the actual magazine yesterday. But then this:

127 0913 B127-092013-M

Isn’t that just a brilliantly stylish dress!  After a little rummage through my rather copious stash I have tentatively decided to make this out of a grew light suiting fabric for the sides and sleeves and a black/red/beige/brown flowery fabric for the centre part. I have just finished tracing the pattern so hopefully it should not be too long until I get around to sewing it.

Then there is a jersey faux-knot dress/top the technical drawing of which I can’t find online right now. This looks super stylish as well. Then a batwing top which looks very versatile and very easy to make, so what’s not to like.

And then there are baby clothes for girls, when my sister and a good friend are going to have girls in a short while – I call that handy!

So against expectations, the September issue has left me all excited.

How about you: did you see anything you like in a Burdastyle recently?



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3 thoughts on “Burda 9/2013: September Excitement

  1. Anne W August 18, 2013 at 7:29 pm Reply

    Wow, you get your copy quickly! Mine has still to arrive, but that dress does look like it has plenty of potential!

    • Chris August 18, 2013 at 7:53 pm Reply

      Well, that’s at least one pleasure of living in Germany 😉 Sometimes I get my copy even the day before the official issue date! I started on the dress yesterday and so far it’s looking good..

  2. […] I have made the best possible use of the school holidays (and my boys away for a day trip ) with a heavy sewing session based on the latest edition of Burdastyle. A lot of people in blog-land were rather non-plussed with it, but I actually really like it and I have made/am making three pieces from it. First up is dress #127 (I blogged about my immediate infatuation with it here). […]

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