My Journey in Quilts: Part 6


Boy, it’s been hot! Here in Germany we really are not used to this kind of non-stop heat – we have had almost continuous sunshine since the beginning of July and temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius (don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit, but believe me it is hot!). So what with the temperature and the fact that my sewing room is in the loft of our house, right underneath all that heat, it may come as no surprise that I have not exactly been churning out new pieces. So I thought I could blog about a quilt I made a while ago.

In fact the quilt hardly didn’t involve any piecing at all as the main fabric is a print.


It was purchased a few years ago in the East End of London in one of the many shops stocking African fabrics there. Another piece of the fabric almost made it into a dress, but so far this is languishing as a UFO ;-). I might just summon enough energy to do a finish-up-Friday one day…

The time I saved on the piecing of this quilt I put in the quilting as I hand-quilted the whole thing. I have to say I really hated it – I found it boring and tedious and exhausting and upsetting at the same time – and I pierced my fingers more than I care to remember, so I assume this will be my last attempt at hand-quilting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think my annoyance and lack of committment are clearly visible in the quilting too , so I was actually quite unhappy when the quilt was first finished. But now I am glad to report that it has found a happy home in our treasure chest of garden quilts and many happy hours lounging in the garden have now been spent on it. And I guess that is the beauty about quilting – your products become a part of your (or someone else’s life) and take on a new meaning beyond what they meant for the quilter making them.

For my next quilt I still need to up my game: My sister is getting married and so I want to give the happy couple a wedding quilt. I am almost finished with the piecing – still no clever idea on how to do the quilting in the best way though. It’s just been too hot for this kind of hard thinking…

So how are you all coping with the challenges of summer/the middle of winter? Have you managed to do meaningful amounts of sewing recently?


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