Update: My Indian Fabric Present

I have been working busily on my Indian fabrics and have already made a maxi-dress out of the flowery one – pictures to follow!
After a lot of thought and to-ing and fro-ing I think I have decided on what to do with the embroidered white fabric.


At one point I thought I would make an Indian style kaftan, but now I am going for an East/West fusion kind of vibe and will try this: Burda 9/2012 #109

https://i0.wp.com/www.burdastyle.de/chameleon/mediapool/thumbs/a/65/107-0912-B_391x533-ID271227-628921b62dd705e297bec0be1090c59c.jpgThis is a simple shift dress which I made before (out of a heavy and very wintery wool fabric) and which I have really liked wearing this winter. For the summer version I will underline the fashion fabric (which is very transparent) with a simple white cotton batiste, apart from the sleeves which will remain unlined. I think I will also add those pockets, but in the fashion fabric rather than a different one. My fabric is very crisp, inspite of its light and airy appearance, so I think a rather simple style will look good. The one thing I am still not sure about is the darts. Adding darts will cut across the paisleys at one point or another – will that look bad? On the other hand, I went through all my Burdas today checking for styles without darts. Basically that means styles without any shaping altogether, and I don’t think I quite like the Earth Mother kind of look.

I am hoping to start tomorrow – update to follow.


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