Look what I have been given!

stoff My daughter is taking part in an exchange programme with and Indian school and this is my present from my guest daughter: two beautiful Indian fabrics directly from Bangalore. The rose print on green is a light cotton, the paisley fabric is an almost transparent white and the paisleys are woven in, not printed, in a metallic brown with a golden shimmer in the light. It’s a traditional hand-woven Indian fabric, unfortunately I don’t remember the name.

Isn’t that a fantastic present! You can imagine how pleased I was to receive such a thoughtful present!

Now what to make out of the fabrics? The pink on green screams maxi-dress, don’t you think? And the white one needs to become something quite simple so as to showcase the wonderful pattern. I think pleats or lots of darts etc would only detract from it.

And how to finish? Because the fabric is see-through I need some sort lining. Or maybe just a slip underneath? Do you have any thoughts or ideas?

Any comments are gratefully received!


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One thought on “Look what I have been given!

  1. sewbusylizzy July 8, 2013 at 11:36 pm Reply

    How much length do you have of them? They look exquisite!
    I agree. A maxi dress would be beautiful. Perhaps a loose floaty graceful smock/tunic for the white. It looks like a graceful summer top to me.

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