Why do the laundry, if you can sew?!!

… were the words of wisdom from my husband when I came to show him the second top I made in a row today with two more already cut and in the queue.

Might I be exaggerating in my stash-busting fervour? Might four waterfall tops in a row be too much? Should I slow down and think if I really need those tops? But then: one in cream, one in purple, one in navy, one in blue and one even has sleeves while the others are sleeveless – I am sure you sewists all will agree that this is absolutely necessary 😉 .

And yes, I still DO the laundry and I even wear stuff twice…


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One thought on “Why do the laundry, if you can sew?!!

  1. niekemieke July 1, 2013 at 12:44 pm Reply

    Being able to sew is so easy and yes, I use it to avoid doing laundry 🙂 I hate doing laundry because it takes time away from sewing (every house chore falls into that category)

    And making 4 of the same tops is not weird or a problem. I think it’s one of the benefits of sewing. Make all the tops, I say!

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