My Journey in Quilts: Part 5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Having made a quilt for all my children of course I wanted to make one for my husband too. For this I used Suzuko Koseki’s technique of piecing and quilting in one go. Basically, you cut block size squares of batting and sandwich it between the back layer, which remains invisible after completion. Then you attach each strip and quilt it as you go. For a quilting-nervous quilter like me (if that makes any sense at all 😉 ) this is a brilliant technique as none of my usual problems (shifty back fabrics, creases, huge amounts of material to manipulate etc) arise.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For this quilt I used only material from my stash, quite a lot of the fabrics have a story attached to them that DH is blissfully unaware, so maybe the quilt has a bigger significance for me than it has for him. There is the fabric of the blinds in our first house… The one I also used for my first son’s baby blanket… Some old bedlinen… A bit from the curtains we took ages to find… The one from the Ikea visit where our daughter was sick…


After finishing all the blocks, the edges are straightened and then assembled pretty much as you would a traditional quilt. Then I added the backing fabric – this is then not quilted at all but only attached via the binding.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo now I am the only one in my family not to have her own quilt. Isn’t that just typical 😉 !

How about you, do you quilt for others only or are you looking out for yourself as well?


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