My Confession: I think I’m in Love!

At first I thought it might only be an affair, started out of curiosity and finished quickly and painfully, I reeling with a guilty conscience. You know, I have been with Melody for the best part of 9 years, we have had our ups and our downs and so it might not be a surprise that things aren’t as rosy as they were on day 1. IMG_3547

When we first got together I was really excited about what Melody could do in the sewing room! She seemed adventurous, she was open to many different positions, there was a lot of stuff she would do that I had never tried before. So we experimented a lot, but after a  few years I realised that her heart might not be really in all that fancy stuff. She did it, but not with great conviction and so the fun went from the relationship. We did go to service therapy, once a year, things were a little bit better at first, but that change never lasted.

So I thought maybe I need to invest in the relationship. You know how diamonds are a girl’s best friend? So I bought lots of stuff for Melody:


She seemed to appreciate my presents at first, but again, she never really seemed to know what to do with all the new stuff. And at the same time the standard stuff did not seem very enjoyable to her either.

Is it very bad of me that I started to go online just to see what was available? I never meant any harm, honestly, I did not set out to destroy the relationship with Melody. After all, she had never even looked at another person. But recently I came to realise that maybe it was not her, it was me. Maybe we simply wanted different things in the sewing room? I wanted leather and silk, I wanted twin-action and she wanted all her buttons pushed. Then along came this man who showed me that maybe breaking up is the right thing to do.

And so I stayed online, looked through the relevant websites (you know, the one that rhymes with seatray) and there I found her: Bernina!

IMG_3545If it’s any consolation to Melody I did not trade her in for a younger model. In fact, Bernina is much, much older, she is in her late twenties – but boy, does she do well what she does! She loves leather, that was the first thing I checked, but she also loves silk and chiffon. And she goes and goes and goes, I don’t think I can ever tire her out. Look, she even has extra equipment:

IMG_3546I don’t even know what a lot of that stuff is, but I am sure Bernina will introduce me to her 80s way of doing things the better we get to know each other.

So for now I’m in love with Bernina and Melody has taken second place in my life.

What do you think: Is that very bad of me? Should I have stayed with Melody only? Or is life to short to stay with a sewing machine that does not really work for you?

PS: My daughter has officially disowned me now because of all the innuendo. She thinks it’s disgusting 😉


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5 thoughts on “My Confession: I think I’m in Love!

  1. Peter June 2, 2013 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Oh, Chris, I feel so guilty! Seriously, I am glad you kicked Melody to the curb for now and I am confident your 930 will meet your needs. She’s lovely AND she’s into leather! 😉

  2. Zari October 20, 2013 at 3:06 pm Reply

    Your innuendo is charming! Loved reading it with a smile on my face the whole time! Enjoy your new Bernina. I don’t have one …yet.

    • Chris October 20, 2013 at 7:59 pm Reply

      Ahh, thank you Zari! As a non-native speaker of English you smile means a lot to me :-).

  3. […] It’s really bright white light which makes seeing what I do a lot easier than with my 1980s Bernina (though I wouldn’t want to diss my Bernina, she is the best!): […]

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