Burda 7/2011 #113: Little Raglan Blouse

On a recent tour through my rather increased stash I realised that I had two coordinating lemon/lime coloured fabrics and somewhere in the back of my mind I seemed to remember a pattern I had always wanted to try out if I had just such fabrics. So I went through my stack of Burdas and found what I was looking for: this raglan blouse/top #113 from 7/2011:


While I think the wonky neckline is a charming idea I was worried that in reality it might look like I had not been able to sew it correctly (as does the fashion shoot in the magazine, if I am honest) and so I decided to cut two right sleeves, the higher ones in the technical drawing. So this is what turned out:


The front and back are cut from a solid fabric, the sleeves from a transparent jersey:


Although it did not make my heart skip a beat I still like the top and so I decided to make another one:


IMG_3540This is made from a jersey with metallic stripes. It is not very drapey, so I am not sure it might have been the best choice for this top.

The whole style is a departure from the more fitted tops that I usually wear so I have to wait and see if I get used to it. I have noticed that it won’t matter if I suck in my tummy or not, so what’s not to like??!!


All in all I like the lemon coloured top a lot more than the grey one. So as soon as the temperatures rise to double digit figures and no rain (yep, Germany has been sitting under a rain cloud for ever!!) I will test drive the top in real life – and I think there might be a few more if I find out I like the style.


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One thought on “Burda 7/2011 #113: Little Raglan Blouse

  1. SewingElle June 10, 2013 at 1:36 pm Reply

    I wondered if this pattern would look better non wonky. You’ve proved it does!

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