A Visit to the Fabric Market

Look at what is on my clothes line as we speak:


These are the results of my latest visits to the bi-annual fabric market in Fürth, the next town along from Nuremberg. A very clear colour scheme is emerging, don’t you think? I was not joking when I said that red, aqua and white are amongst my favourite colour schemes :-).

The fabric market was the Stoffmarkt Holland, which takes place in April and October and is one of the most keenly awaited events on my calendar.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The aqua and the red fabric with the blue polka dots are meant to be for a 50s style sundress – my next project. And the red flowers on light pink will hopefully become the dress to wear for my sister’s summer wedding.
The red fabric with the turquoise and pink flowers was an offcut which the lovely man at the market gave me for free – I already made it into a little skirt which I will post about soon.


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One thought on “A Visit to the Fabric Market

  1. […] project, a vintage inspired sundress. This also my second project using the fabrics I bought on last weekend’s visit to Fürth Fabric Market. So you see, I am not just buying stuff! I do use some up as […]

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