Learning to sew trousers

or rather learning to fit trousers! This is my next aim in sewing – in fact something I have wanted to learn for quite some time but have never really dared to try.

I have sewed trousers (all of them from Burda patterns), but in contrast to the patterns for tops or dresses I have never had a real success. The last pair of trousers I made around five years ago had such a terrible fit that I did not even sew the button on and rather tossed them in the bin straight away.

I don’t even understand why I can’t get them to fit! I have no problem buying trousers that fit. Clearly, not every pair fits, but in general I don’t have to try on 20 pairs in order to find on I like. And I have almost never had a major fit issued with patterns for tops or dresses – so I don’t quite see why trousers should be such a problem. But they are!
So I bought some some coral fabric on sale in order to work on (hopefully) wearable muslins. And if they turn out not to be wearable then maybe I will be relieved once I have got over my current coral obsession 😉


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One thought on “Learning to sew trousers

  1. […] made these peplum trousers as part of my “learning to sew trousers” drive and these were essentially meant to be a muslin to see if the pattern could work and I added the […]

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