Burda 5/2010 #130: Vaguely Military Skirt

I finally got round to sewing this skirt from a 2010 Burda last weekend. I can’t believe the traced pattern has been lieing around together with the fabric for three years! Doesn’t time fly 😉



My pictures don’t really show any detail on the skirt ( we are still adjusting to coping with sunshine after having none for what seems like 100 years), but the line drawing shows the pleats on the front pockets and the back welt pockets.

I made mine just like that and only omitted the off-centre button – I thought that given that the skirts is intended to be worn with a belt an unusual button solution would not be seen anyway.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAForgive my slightly dishevelled state – that’s me after an hour’s worth of long division homework with Child 2. I did not even realise my hair had done some long division too until I looked at the photos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wore the skirt to work today and it coped really well. I think it is smart but still casual enough and with the extra room the pleats give it is much easier to wear than a pencil skirt for me – as I will demonstrate in another post as soon as I get a chance.

I came to realise that over the years I made quite a few skirts – more than I originally remembered and certainly more than I ever seem to wear. Has that ever happened to you: Making something and then forgetting that you even had it?



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