Burda #: A-line skirt

This really was one of those projects that should not have been so hard! It had no reason to be so hard: just a simple A-line skirt with 3-piece pattern, completely straightforward construction, no problems expected. I was aiming for a simple 2 hour job – until I was unpicking the welt-pockets for the umpteenth time about 5 hours later…

I don’t know what went to wrong. I have been sewing on and off for 30 years and while I don’t have a lot of practice with advanced features the pockets should have been simple enough in theory… Until I didn’t cut the opening between the two sides of the pocket quite right… And then I could not get those little triangles quite right, you know the ones that are supposed to flap around to the inside… and then I sewed on the two pocket sides the wrong way round…


It is as well the the skirt really has muslin statut and all of it came from the rather unloved depth of my stash. It has ended up looking ok, but I don’t think I will be making more of it. I just don’t think it looks all that good on me. Inspite of the fact that I loved it on Kristy from loweryourpresserfoot. I mean, look at the way she perfected thoses pockets!! I bow my head in shame!

Oh, and adding a contrast colour invisible zip to “complement”  the top stiching was a better idea in theory than in practice 😉


Did I mention that I ironed this skirt conscientiously about five minutes before these photographs were taken???

So altogether while I would not regard this as a fail I have not fallen in love with this pattern (and my sewing skills during the execution) and my search will go on for the perfect casual skirt pattern. Do you have any ideas where this search should take me?


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One thought on “Burda #: A-line skirt

  1. […] exciting for me is to see how my skills have moved on within less than a year. Back in the spring I abandoned a skirt because of failed welt pockets and a bit later I produced […]

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