Burda 11/2011 #114: Zen Wrapover Top

This has been an almost Zen-like experience: the wrap over top from November 2011’s Burda.


The construction is very easy indeed, especially on an overlocker. I didn’t even trace any lines onto the fabric, just roughly cut it out and let the overlocker do the rest. Also I used the most adorable fabric with Japanese maidens making tea or playing drums or some sort of zen activity. So I got into the zone as well – do you know the type of sewing where everything goes as it should, no drama, no unpicking, no staring at Burda instructions wondering if you will ever make sense of them – wonderful!

I guess I enjoyed the sewing even more than wearing the top. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but maybe it is just a little bit too slouchy around the neckline for my taste.


Of course that is not the fault of the pattern, I think mine came out just like Burda intended. Oh, I did make it in size 38 rather than my usual 40 and I think that was quite a good decision as the pattern has rather a lot of ease. I am debating whether to take the sides in a little more – what do you think?

On a by-note and on looking through Burda 11/2011 again: Isn’t that just a cracking issue! I still lust after the rouched dress  and I have some red ponte jersey waiting to be turned into just that dress. Look how the Slapdash Sewist made the dress. Isn’t that just brilliant. I want mine just like that. If the weather stays as cold as that I might just about make the dress coming up for May…


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