Burda 6/2012: Hooded Towel

For his second birthday my little nephew will get a favourite spring/summer toy: the Aquaplay canal system. My kids used to love building dams, transporting the little ships from canal to canal and generally getting very wet very soon. So what could complement this present better than a lovely fluffy towel to dry the little engineer off? Said & done, I thought and made a hooded towel inspired by Burda 6/2012.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did’t actually trace the pattern as I already had a hood salvaged off a top that seemed a bit too childish with a hood and so I just took inspiration from the technical drawing and the instructions and made up the towel as I went along.

It even comes with a monogram that I appliqued on.

So now it is time spring arrived. We are still languishing in temperatures just above freezing here, so I guess both the Aquaplay and the towel might have to wait for a little while for their first use.

Maybe my nephew (or rather his mum) lets me take a picture of him with the towel during his party. In this case I shall let you see a picture of the towel “in the flesh” as it were 😉


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