Sweaters for Spring

Yep, it’s sad but true: we are having the kind of spring here in Germany that makes it necessary to wear sweaters! It’s been so cold  – I went for a walk today in temperatures just above freezing… So all my spring clothes stay firmly in the cupboard and instead I have been busy making a couple of sweaters. No 1 is from issue 53 of Rebecca. and the pattern for No 2 is from some back issue of Verena, I can’t quite remember which one. Both Rebecca and Verena are German knitting magazines – I don’t know whether they might be available in other countries or other languages.

Normally, I like knitting sweaters more than wearing them, because I often find them too hot. But in current weather conditions maybe my knitting production comes in just right.  So this is no 1: A cut we Germans call “vokuhila” (vorn kurz, hinten lang – short at the front, long in the back).

The yarn is a special design from a IMG_2373wonderful seller who designs her own yarns. The picture does not do it justice: it’s a mixture of cream white with a light green and touches of lilac and ever so light. It really does make you think of spring, even though I almost got frostbite when taking the pictures.


When looking at the pictures I thought the cut of the sweater makes me look just a liiittle bit pregnant, so to prove I am not I have added a belt with sweater no 2 ;-).


I am having a major love affair with all shades of yellow at the moment, even though I am not sure it is a good colour on me. This shade of mustard/curry has been in the shops for months now, so maybe I at least be a fashion victim? What do you think?



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