Burda 4/2013 # 106: Very floral top

I’m never really too sure what to think of those floaty Burda patterns. I do like them on the model, they are quick and easy to sew – but on me I often wonder if its isn’t all a bit too much. A case in point is this top 106 from the April edition:

So being a bit wary about the whole enterprise I used a fabric that had languished in my stash for a while, because it, too, might be a bit too much…


So what turns out is a very, very floral top. I had traced the pattern in size 38 rather than my usual 40, but I still decided to take it in a good 4cm (1 1/2 inches, I think…) on both sides. That makes it floaty rather than potato sack like I felt the original sizing was.


As you can see, trying to do any sort of pattern matching only occurred to me after the cutting was done, but I guess I would not have had enough fabric anyway in order to sort out those truly huge flowers.

I also added a normal neckbinding rather than the facing Burda specifies. They made their top from a woven fabric, but with my rather slouchy knit a facing would not have made any sense.


I am still not sure whether I like the cut of the top and the garishness of the fabric. On the other hand I have actually worn it a few times already as it goes really easily with black and white and cream and it’s so easy to throw an outfit together. So at the moment the top seems to have a residence permit in my wardrobe. Let’s see whether it will become a permanent citizen…


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