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Hello world und ein Hallo an alle!

and welcome to my little corner of the web! If have been crafting for many years, I have read craft blogs for a few years and drawn a lot of inspirations from them – so much so that I have now thought that I will try and see if someone is intersted in my stuff.

I have tried my hand in all sorts of crafts, but I really love knitting and sewing. I also like making mosaics, and I have tried renovating and upcycling furniture – but really I will try anything if it takes my fancy. As the title of my blog might tell you, I am not so great at planing, I prefer doing (and learning by doing!)

For the day job I work as a teacher teaching English and German and am also part of a wonderful family of 5.

I live in Bavaria, Southern Germany near the city of Nuremberg and while I blog in English I am delighted if you would like to comment either in English or German.

Wenn ihr auf Deutsch kommentieren möchtet, freue ich mich sehr – ich blogge zwar auf Englisch aber antworte gerne auf Deutsch! Lasst euch also nicht stoppen 😉 !!

I hope you like some of the stuff on my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time.

xx Chris


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